Within 30 months of the “Effective Date” (effectively the IPO), District 1 must

• Incur additional Property Expenditures on the Property of $700,000.

• Make an additional Cash Payment of $100,000 to the Optionor

• Make an additional Share Issuance of 750,000 Shares to the Optionor.

• Total Cash Payments of $150,000, Share Issuances of 1,450,000 Shares and Property Expenditures of $850,000.

• Option to acquire a 100% interest in the Highway North Property
• Option exercised in October, 2018 with DOCTORS INVESTMENT GROUP LTD. (BC Co. of Burnaby, BC, “Optionor”)
Further Commitments • issue 250,000 Shares to the Optionor (“Share Issuance”) at IPO